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‘Dhan – Kuber of this era’ Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn..

King Mahavajiralongkorn of Thailand, also known as King Rama X, is one of the richest men in the world with vast holdings of diamonds, gems and luxury properties. According to The Financial Times , the King of Thailand is believed to have a net worth of more than $40 billion .
the king holds the precious Golden Jubilee Diamond with a color weight of 545.67 carats, which is the largest and most expensive diamond in the world, with his worth over Rs 100 million
Known for his extravagant tastes, King Mahawajiralongkorn boasts an impressive fleet of 38 helicopters, Boeing, Airbus and Sukhoi Superjets, requiring an annual expenditure of Rs 524 million on fuel and maintenance

In addition, The King’s wealth extends to his extensive collection of luxury cars, more than 300 including limousines and Mercedes Benz, and 52 gold yachts decorated with intricate gold designs


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