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Three former stage dancers sued pop star Lizzo- denied the charges

Three former stage dancers filed a lawsuit against Popstar Lizzo however – Denies the accusation saying the suit’s accusations are…..Read More…

Hyundai,Kia forced to recall 91,000 US vehicles due to fire risks

Hyundai and Kia are recalling more than 91,000 newer vehicles in the US because of fire risks and have urged owners to …….Read more….

College is dying, design your own education

In a unexpectedly converting international, traditional college education is facing new challenges, and the idea of “designing your very own education” is gaining….Read more…

Build a business develop the nation..

Building a business is not only a path to individual success but a way to contribute significantly to national development, especially for the United States Entrepreneurship has….

Five fast fashion brands got extreme popularity in US.

numerous US-based brands which have received recognition for their state-of-the-art designs, affordability, and accessibility. These five…Read More…

Being unique is better

Being different is a treasure that sets us apart from the crowd and sets us apart in a world full of conformity. Embracing our individuality opens doors to endless possibilities, empowering us to …