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Paul vs Diaz

ya! heard Right! The YouTuber-turned-fighter Jake Paul defeated Nate Diaz !

The YouTuber-turned-fighter Jake Paul defeated Nate Diaz.
how it happened pls go through…..
First round:
Some showmanship from both to start the was a Loud music for Diaz. Great left hand from Paul and a combination. Paul ripped Diaz apart with a stiff right hand. He already has all of Diaz. Nifa-hander short reaches Diaz. Diaz collects himself but just looks helpless. Paul Diaz’s body shot has nothing so far.
score sheet: 10-9 Paul (20-18 Paul) .

The 2nd round:
Diaz seems lost there. Diaz throws a slow contact that Paul blocks. Diaz lands a right hand and then they fight inside. Diaz points to Paul. here goes the power of the body through Paul. The right hand lands flush. And other than Diaz again fires back with his sneaky right hand. Paul’s body shot. Good goal by Diaz but probably not impressive.
Scoring record: 10-9 Paul (30-27 Paul) .

Third round :
Diaz tries to make it nasty and messy for Paul. Paul lands an uppercut. Paul wraps a chain around Diaz’s wrists. A hard left hook from Paul lands cleanly. Diaz comes up fighting his merger. Paul lands with a sweeping rope. Lots of body shots. Diaz buzzes with the combination. Great right hand from Paul to close the circle.
Score: 10-9 Diaz (39-37 Paul) .

Round 4:
Big uppercut from Paul gets Diaz’s head up inside. Diaz lands two uppercuts of his own. Diaz steps forward and hits Paul with a light punch. Hard uppercut by Diaz lands clear. Nice work in Diaz. Not pretty but effective. Paul tries to gain ground but Diaz keeps crowding him. A combination of inside hands and lefts gets Paul into the ropes. Diaz continues to beat Paul inside. He’s doing this dogfight. By far his best goal.
Scorecard: 10-8 Paul (49-45 Paul) .
The fight takes place in the same format and the scorecard follows the same format…..
Round 10:
Paul lands a jab and follows with a right hand. That doesn’t stop Diaz from moving forward. Paul slams a right hand into Diaz’s face. Paul is pouring it on but Diaz begs him to come forward. There’s a brawl in the crowd and Diaz lights Paul up with a combination as that happens. Paul lands an uppercut, big left hand by Diaz, and the fight comes to an end.
Jake Paul wins unanimous decision over Nate Diaz.
Paul said after the fight. He is really very tough, that’s what he’s known for. But tough in this sport doesn’t work. … I overpowered him down, won basically every round. He is a warrior, you know. I hurt him in the first round but he kept on coming.but i had the last laugh…
just a great fight ever…


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