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Trump and 18 others are facing charges in a Georgia election probe.

A criminal complaint has been filed against former President of the United States Donald Trump for allegedly seeking to overturn his loss in the 2020 election in the state of Georgia.

This will be the fourth criminal charge that has been filed against him in the past five months.

In February of 2021, a prosecutor in the state of Georgia named Fani Willis opened an inquiry into charges of election interference made against Donald Trump and others associated with him.

Prosecutors filed 41 accusations against the 19 defendants in a 98-page indictment that was made public before the close of Monday’s workday.
Along with 18 other associates, Donald Trump, who is currently the most prominent candidate for the Republican nomination for president in 2024, was charged.

He has denied all thirteen of the allegations that have been brought against him, which include racketeering and electoral interference. He has stated that the motivation behind them is political.
This is the most serious charge against the former president. He is also charged in three other cases in New York, Washington, DC, and Florida.
Amy Koch, a former Republican state senator in Minnesota, said that Trump’s most loyal fans won’t be put off by the arrest in Georgia and will continue to back the former president.
\Rudy Giuliani, a former Trump attorney and mayor of New York City who was accused in the Georgia case, has made a contribution request in an effort to resist what he claims is an attempt to penalize him for his “loyalty to President Trump and the truth.”

The “Rudy Giuliani Freedom Fund” is a brand-new website that Giuliani announced on social media.

“Rudy’s fate will determine if America is still a Republic run by We The People, or whether the swamp has finally seized complete power in our wonderful nation. Rudy desperately needs YOUR assistance as a result.


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