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alex collins

Alex Collins, a former NFL Player, died at age 28 in a motorbike accident.So Sad….

According to the investigators, Collins was riding his motorbike late on Sunday night when he was involved in an accident on West Oakland Park Boulevard in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida.
The accident included the back passenger side of an SUV. Following the collision, Collins was found dead at the site after having been ejected through the glass on the rear passenger side.

“It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved Alex Collins this morning,” the Collins family wrote in a statement that was released through the Seahawks on Monday night.
Collings’s Irish jig touchdown celebration dance became famous during the course of his career in the National Football League (NFL). During an interview with the CBS Evening News, he stated that the daughter of his high school football coach taught him how to Irish dance.

Collins has stated in previous interviews that he was made fun of for the dance, but he believes that the Irish jig has contributed to his improved performance on the field. The former running back in the NFL mentioned that it improved him with his footwork.

“Alex was loved and admired by his family, friends, and fans from all around the world. His passion, his tenacity, and his personality are both larger-than-life, as can be attested to by anybody who knows him thoroughly.
During this trying time, we would greatly appreciate it if you would keep our family in your thoughts and prayers. We ask that you respect our need for privacy as we work through our loss.


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