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Australia semifinalists

Australian qualifies for the semifinals after a tight fight with France

After a nail-biting penalty shootout against France, Australia emerged victorious, qualifying to the semifinals of the Women’s World Cup for the first time in their nation’s history.

In 120 minutes, there were no goals, but the game was still a lot of fun. The different styles made the game more interesting, and both teams had chances to win in regular time. It was even, full of things to do, and interesting.

Penalties were a whole different story. Durand and Arnold made incredible saves to keep the shootout going. Most likely, Durand’s save against Hunt was the best of the bunch. The Sassuolo goalkeeper who came in near the end of extra time did an amazing job.

So, in the end, the Matildas move on to the semi-finals, where they’ll play England.
The excitement of the World Cup has gripped the whole nation of Australia, as seen by the fact that the Matildas’ march to the quarterfinal has attracted capacity audiences, record numbers of viewers on television, and thousands of viewers at live sites all around the country.

This match was no different, with the major sporting codes in Australia extending kick off hours and showing the game on large screens inside stadiums due to the huge popularity of the game.

The stress and drama of the match will leave many supporters with missing fingernails, but it continues Australia’s miraculous run at the tournament, which has proved the ability of football to bring people together in the country.

Things are only going to get larger from here, as they might be facing England in the semifinals in Sydney, a contest that would likely go down as the most significant football game in Australian history.
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