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Taylor Swift Unveils ‘1989’ (Taylor’s Version) is coming at Tour Finale in Los Angeles..

Taylor Swift Unveils ‘1989’
What a shock!! Your copy of 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is currently in transit to you! My life was altered in innumerable ways as a result of listening to the 1989 album, and it thrills me with such joy to announce that my cover of the album will be released on October 27th. Because the five tracks from the Vault are so mind-blowing, this is, if I’m being totally forthright, my absolute favourite re-recording that I’ve ever done. It’s hard for me to imagine that they were ever forgotten about. But not for very much longer! Purchase 1989 (Taylor’s Version) in advance at .

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“There is something that I have been planning for an extremely, very, extremely, extremely, stupidly, and embarrassingly long period.I think instead of just like telling you about it, I’ve been excited to show you,” she said as the crowd erupted with delight.
The new album art for “1989” emerged on the screens behind her, and it featured a brilliantly smiling Taylor Swift against a sky blue background. The release date for the album was listed as “fall.”

Swift then began performing “New Romantics,” which was the only song from “1989” that she had not yet performed on tour, and “New Year’s Day,” which was the second hidden song.
The word that she had released a new album went live on all of her social media outlets as she was playing the final chords of the latter.
Observers of the fashion industry also noted that during the Tuesday presentation, Swift debuted a startling blue bodysuit that she had recently added to her wardrobe.

In contrast to other of the more elaborate series of LP variants that she has supplied for albums such as “Folklore” and “Midnights,” Taylor Swift’s web store is only carrying a single sky-blue vinyl edition of “1989 (Taylor’s Version).” The addition of five previously unheard Vault tracks to the running order of the 16-song running order of the deluxe edition from 2014 will bring the total track list to 21 tunes, which can easily be squeezed onto two LPs, just like the 22-track “Speak Now” edition that was released on July 28. The song titles for these five newly discovered Vault tracks have not yet been revealed. (Because one of her remakes, “Fearless (Taylor’s Version),” contained a total of 27 tracks, a three-LP set was necessary to house them all.)
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