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Taylor Swift coming again with ‘1989’ Singles

Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ Singles Were just exceptional ,it was just a kind of milestone in itsef.

Get Ready For ‘1989’ Singles To Be Huge All Over Again.

Swift will re-record and re-release 1989 (Taylor’s Version) as part of a project to give her more power over her first six full-length albums. Her first three records all debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, and each new one is getting bigger and bigger. The first week of sales for each new album she releases is bigger than the one before, and there’s no reason to think that 1989 (Taylor’s Version) won’t be the biggest yet.


With 1.287 million copies sold in November 2014, 1989 peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. With an initial run of about 875,000 equivalent units, 1989 (Taylor’s Version) will quickly surpass Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) as her biggest re-recording.

That’s obviously just an educated guess based on how her prior re-recordings have performed in the past, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s how things will turn out.
Do hope it will again debut With One Million Copies.

when it will be coming?

Swift will release 1989 (Taylor’s Version) on October 27. For this album, the singer will re-record all of the songs that were featured on the original album, and then tweak the recordings in very minor ways. Because of the widespread acclaim that greeted the original release of this album and its accompanying singles when it was made available to the public almost ten years ago, this record is likely to be the most eagerly anticipated of the six projects that she is re-releasing.

some of her hits
some of her hits
some of her hits


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