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hurricane hilary

Hurricane Hilary approaches Southern California, expect a very heavy rainfall and devastating floods…

In its most current forecast on Saturday morning, the National Hurricane Center said that the storm could cause “catastrophic and life-threatening flooding” through Monday. It also told people to expect heavy rain ahead of the storm’s center.

The potential danger has prompted the state of California to issue its very first tropical storm warning, which covers an area from the state’s southern border to a point slightly north of Los Angeles.

As Hurricane Hilary moves into the Southwest, there is a high likelihood that the region will see prolonged periods of heavy rainfall, with the most intense conditions expected on Sunday and Monday.
Parts of California, Nevada, and Arizona might receive more rain than they would normally receive in an entire year as a result of the deluges.
Joe Biden, the  President, stated that the Federal Emergency Management Agency already had personnel and supplies in place in the affected area.

Biden told reporters on Friday at Camp David, where he is meeting with the leaders of Japan and South Korea, “I urge everyone, everyone in the path of this storm, to take precautions and listen to the guidance of state and local officials.” “I urge everyone, everyone in the path of this storm, to take precautions and listen to the guidance of state and local officials,” Biden said.

Southern California is rushing to get ready for the storm.

According to information provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, if Tropical Storm Hilary were to make landfall in California as a tropical storm, it would be the first storm of its kind to do so in the state in nearly 84 years.

It is the first time that a threat level of 4 out of 4 has been declared for the region, and it comes with a significant risk for extreme rainfall in certain parts of Southern California.
Extremely few people ever face a risk on this scale. According to data conducted by the Weather Prediction Center, high risk flood warnings were issued on an average of less than 4% of days per year between 2010 and 2020.
Despite this, high risk floods were responsible for 83% of all flood-related damage and 39% of all flood-related deaths.
According to Jeff Masters, a meteorologist at Yale Climate Connections and a former government in-flight hurricane meteorologist, the area might be hit with rains that only occur once in a century, and there is a good probability that Nevada could set a new record for the amount of rainfall it has ever received.
so be cautious and vigilant
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