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Ryan-Preece accident
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Ryan Preece flips 10 times in spectacular Coke Zero Sugar 400 crash.

True it was a miracle that saved Ryan Preece.

A mishap that occurred late in the Cup Series race on Saturday at Daytona, NASCAR driver Ryan Preece rolled his car eleven times.
After the crash, Preece was able to get out of the vehicle, but he was reportedly brought to a local hospital after the race was over.
On the backstretch, it happened all of a sudden Preece in the No. 41 car and Chase Briscoe in the No. 14 car got mixed up, and Preece went flying.
The No. 41 car flipped over about 10 times before it finally stopped.
Doctors and medical staff from the hospital came to help Preece. The driver was able to get out of the car, and he was taken to the infield care center on a bed.

how it happened

The collision lasted for about eight seconds. It all started when Preece, who was racing towards the front late in the race for a win that would lock him into the Cup Series playoffs in his final opportunity to do so this season, was bumped from behind while drafting in the outside lane.
This was Preece’s only chance to make the playoffs for this season. His No. 41 Ford then spun sideways through traffic and onto the grass, where it was pushed into the air by either turbulence underneath the car’s flat floor over an uneven surface or a bump somewhere in the grass or on the paved infield road course.
It is possible that both of these factors played a role in the incident.

just watch the Mishap here


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