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YouTube launching new Shorts features like Collab and Q & As

Youtube shorts new features –
YouTube to stand ahead with in competition with TikTok and Instagram Reels, is now ready with an improved suite of one tools for its very own quick-form video platform, YouTube Shorts.
Among the new features for remixing, subtracting effects, stickers, going live and others aimed towards encouraging proposal.It will help creators to get involved and take Shorts feed to next level of entertainment .YouTube recently said , Shorts are now a stuff being watched by over 2 billion customers every month.
Thus prompting us to come out with more and more tools to modernize the youtube Shorts for creators. One of the key features arriving nowadays is “Collab,” a way for a author to document a Short in a aspect-by-side format with other YouTube or Shorts films. The full-length joins different remixing equipment like Green Screen, which makes use of a YouTube Shorts .The preliminaries of a Short, and Cut, which we could a author snip out a one- to five-second prune from a YouTube video or Short to remix into their own. Collab, meanwhile, gives a variety of options by using-side format options for a cut up-display will be from the same “Remix” alternative on videos.
Collab is coming first to iOS with Android to follow next.
YouTube is also adding a new Q as feature. A sticker that lets creators ask their audience questions and get responses in the comments. Plus, creators can now reply to comments with a Short video to continue the conversation.its similar to one on TikTok.
Youtube is very hopeful that the feature will attract millions more subscribers to get attached and enjoy working with the all time famous shorts feeds.


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