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Cancer-causing substances were discovered at a U.S. nuclear weapons facility.

Cancer-causing substances were discovered at a U.S. nuclear weapons facility. Cancer has been found in a lot of people who work at the Montana Nuclear Base. This is true, says the US Air Force. it came out that cancer was spreading among people at the rocket base. After that, samples were taken from the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Base, where cases were found.
According to the Torchlight Initiative, about 268 workers and their family members who work at the nuclear weapon site have reported having cancer, blood-related diseases, or other dangerous diseases in the past few years.
The Environmental Protection Agency says that the amount of PCBs (elements that can cause cancer) in samples taken from the Montana base’s 2 missile launch site is higher than what is allowed.
As soon as the story came out, the US Air Force left the base and was told to clean it and get rid of anything that could cause cancer.
Along with this, orders have been made to improve the amenities for the Air Force workers, their families, and the people who work at the base. Most cases of blood cancer have been found at the base.
Most of the people who have been diagnosed with cancer at the nuclear site are missileers who work in the basement control center. They keep an eye on the rockets and can use silos to fire nuclear weapons if needed.
Its very sad to see the control center doesn’t even have the most basic things. Most of the equipment and buildings in the centers are more than 20 years old. Missiler has said many times that it makes him sick and hurts his health.
Even so, they have to stay on job for 24–48 hours, even though the ventilators, water, and other things aren’t good.

Its high time the present US Govt,looked into the seriousness of the matter and acted strongly to save its people working day and night out there for the safety of the Nation.


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